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Best United International Ltd. was established in 1992 and renamed BEST UNITED MARKETING LTD. in 2005. The company deals in various pharmaceutical products. The company has its own 20,000-square-foot factory in Tsing Yi Industrial Center and has been registered with the Hong Kong Government Department of Health for more than 30 years.  We are the Medical Face Mask Manufacturer in Hong Kong, cooperating with Korean listed companies, and we are also one of the largest Chinese and Western medicine wholesalers in Hong Kong. We achieved ISO13485, ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Class 8 Standard. The company also engaged in the wholesale business of pharmaceutical product importers. The company registered and corporate headquarters in Hong Kong. The main Brand Products include Ketoprofen 30mg Plaster, Anti-inflammation Plaster, Chili Plaster, Corn Plaster, Glycern Enema, Enema, First Aid Bandage and Medical Face Mask. The pharmaceutical products have more than 40 brands, and and the main sales markets are in hospital, universities, secondary schools, organizations, community and pharmaceutical wholesalers, recognized by society and industry for 30 years.

Best United Marketing Ltd's mission is to “Alleviate human suffering and Improve people's health and well-being.” Our company establishes a brand management system that includes brand design, OEM, Private Label and also establishes a comprehensive Medical & Biological innovation research includes quality inspection and corporate with US, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Asian Pharmaceutical factory in order to create a variety of pharmaceutical Brands such as "Ton Pe Jing Ketoprofen 30mg Plaster", "LORCORN Medical Face Mask",  "Animal King Chili Plaster", "CARE Corn Plaster, Glycern Enema and "WEILI Enema" and explore the global pharmaceutical markets. All pharmaceutical products are registered with the Hong Kong Government Department of Health and achieve global regulatory PIC/S standards.

Best United Marketing Ltd 's medical and pharmaceutical products occupy a leading position in the Hong Kong market and have received social and health-care industry recognition. Our pharmaceutical products' quality assured and our company advocates innovative leadership in meeting social accountability standards. We believe our co-operation will bring long term benefits for both parties and health-care industry.


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